• This is a Great Time for Dianne Montgomery and Healthcare

  • Posted on October 19, 2018
  • Dianne Montgomery has all the skills and the experience needed to assist any organization in virtually any industry to become compliant with industry regulations and stay there. She can assist with preventing unnecessary investigations, which can interfere with both productivity and efficacy. These days, Dianne prefers to channels her strong interest in healthcare technology and innovation into her role as a Compliance Officer with specialties in the fields of healthcare-life sciences, technology, and personal data. She also has a hand in risk intelligence and enterprise compliance, as well, because she likes the challenge of complex balance between privacy and security, especially in today’s constantly evolving regulatory environment.

    Dianne Montgomery

    Dianne Montgomery maintains a strong feeling that today is a great time to be part of the healthcare industry, which is why she likes to do what she can to stay up-to-date with new developments in healthcare technology and with how current regulations are working with it. There have been a great many major innovations in the space, especially when it comes to privacy and security, and she feels we have only just begun to enter a new era in healthcare. When it comes to managing compliance, which is her primary job, Dianne Montgomery’s experience has included far more than just healthcare.

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